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A Privately Managed Fund.  Investing in Managed Futures, Managed FX and Commodity Pool Programs.
Privately Managed Funds

The Emerging Traders Fund is a Series Class Interest Limited Partnership. Due, to the structure of the fund this allows the individual client to build out their own private futures fund with limited risk, utilizing state of the art technologies. The wide breadth of individual share classes enables the client to create a diversified portfolio of CTA's based on their specific portfolio requirements. The fund was so designed to give the client a more hands-on- approach in customizing their individual account so that reallocation can be implemented in a dynamic fashion, moving in and out of different strategies in given market conditions.

The Emerging Traders Fund provides its investor's access to managers that normally require higher minimum investment levels and enables one to enter such programs at a lower price point of $25,000. This democratizes the process of selecting managers, as clients now can have access to some of the same managers, that until recently were only available to those with multi-million portfolios.

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